Full Top PCD & PCBN cutting

Solid CBN Clampling Dimples

PCD, PCBN, & CBN ISO holes

Welcome to SSI

System Science Institute (SSI) has been a leader in the production of PCD and CBN tool blanks from disks for over 20 years. We provide material from all major PCD/CBN makers, or we can make your parts from material provided by you.

No one wire EDM can perform every job in the CBN/PCD industry, so we use a variety of makes and models of machines. This gives us the advantage of applying the strengths of different machines to a variety of applications. We are NOT held back by having one make of machine that limits our abilities by the weaknesses of that machine.

To insure quick turn-around we maintain multiples of each type of machine: over 30 wire EDM's, 2 hole poppers, 2 sinkers, 9 dimple/Iso-hole machines (with more coming on-line), and several miscellanious machines.

We have been in full production of ISO style holes in both CBN and PCD for 10 years making tens of thousands per year.

We also manufacture round, square, or special shape clamping dimples in PCD and CBN full top blanks.

We do not require long term contracts to give you our best price. Nor do we have order minimums.

With our in-house mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and laser engineering expertise we maintain our own equipment. We also design and build specialized, proprietory equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. Your job will never be the victim of waiting for a third party to get our machinery back on-line.